tweetdigest: Apartment fire

by Andi
  • RT @ nerdcoreblog @ botenstoff s apartment is a place to stay overnight abgebrannt.Wer know for 2 + Children in Dusseldorf, Rath? Pls RT #

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tweetdigest: Private Public Twitter Conversation

by Andi
  • Since I Milestone in sideways with the fingers on my turn, I mark mail as read with the nose #
  • The cat is brash and behaves like a small child, she begins to open drawers namely #
  • Handover: After all the stress was moving the dates nor the handover. So far, we both had ... #
  • Bulky scooter sale: A snippet is always a perfect way to clearing out. So we have before the A ... #
  • Seemingly trying the Sparkasse Karlsruhe to be really better. Have called and wanted to know reasons for termination. A little late #
  • My wife says all the tweets have read up, I can so not of course leave ;) #
  • * Pups * only allow the @ yailaet stinks! So! #
  • Private Public Conversation has been what, right? # scenes before # #

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by Andi

After all the stress moving the dates still followed the handover. So far, we both had never done yet, so we did not know what to expect. First, there was the special feature that we moved out to the end of the month are not, on the other had to be ensured that the point of consumption or logged on public utilities which the tenant is re-registered.

For this we should call the utility directly on top of Karlsruhe and then to send someone to read quite spontaneously. In principle, you can probably see myself, but someone was sent to us ;)
The heater was in the meantime also be read separately, and here it is called again to wait for the bill.

To log out of the current and the heating is of course the dismissal of other infrastructure such as Internet access. Here, however KabelBW in our case as a somewhat stubborn. According to AGB we need when moving to the new apartment, if KabelBW can provide the line again take KabelBW. Of course, the question in the case of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, but the first I have to prove. For this would apply either a cancellation or an employment contract. The former I can only get when I am on site and in the message, have the registration for Riyadh and the latter have is not yet available in adequate shape for KabelBW. So I must continue to run the contract and fair dealing with regard to reimbursement of the monthly fees hope as soon as the extraordinary dismissal was approved ...

The transfer itself proved to be quite easy then wondered dar. Our landlord just how many furniture remaining in the apartment were. We finally have our living room - which corresponds to my old art room, complete kitchen with cabinets, refrigerator and stove, and the washing machine and my desk was sold to the tenant. Because I would have as a landlord probably also wondering if because the outline of what has been forgotten.


After handing over the keys we talked for a while then the next time in Riyadh and what we can expect Sun

Then that was a ridiculous situation. For four years we are through the doors - we had two front doors - have gone in and out and suddenly, in this house lives someone else. The next night, I then also directly ever dreamed that the tenant remove all quite different ;)
After all, was the presentation made quickly and now we just have to wait on the security deposit and settlement of charges or current. This then would be the chapter house in the Schützenstr. 55 also completed, although this now leaves me a bit melancholy, it's the beginning of something new and therefore welcome :)

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tweetdigest: handover and a farewell party

by Andi
  • Woah, so a vet visit with blood samples can be pretty ugly # Nachbluten cat # #
  • Use Facebook ext last active (sharing, invitations, etc.) mail and Facebook. Access was there all right cool # fb #
  • Waiting for the landlord for the handover # output #
  • The Olympic Cocktail rings #

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tweetdigest: clothes rack climbing cat

by Andi
  • wachgeklingelt From the still-powerful landlord to be annoying also. And from the drölften snow out there, I caught not only to # Tomorrow #
  • Oh, and with a roof window, I come before me in the snow, like in an igloo ;) #
  • Sure, clothes racks are sure they thought about it and the clothes hanging on the cabinet behind it come to # cat wah # #
  • @ TenCate the cat is there also a more modest, but the cat always has to try everything ;) TenCate in reply to #
  • Still looking for experiences / recommendations for Notebook bags / backpacks. Maybe know what a :) # fb #

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