VDR mis-wired

by Andi

To even get an overview of the costs related to get obesity (no, not what you now probably associated) to us, I'm gone, the days on it and have the VDR time in its entirety - ie all the panels, the housing walls, etc. - weighed. It came good 10kg on the scales, which would in turn account for ~ 200 € transport costs.

are so far so good, the VDR was therefore no longer in place and some people had cable for the cradle of action separately. For example, any connections to your TV, network cable and the connection of the motherboard to the power switch.

After weighing, it was logical to the terminal in its original place in the Ikea Hol to bring under the TV and then ready to connect all wires. We do want to have at least long enough to watch TV on it while we are still here in the apartment. Cabling completed and tested a short time, but as usual knock Murphy said to have been according to the VDR and not a peep from him. After further expansion and complete all sorts of testing, I left it on that night lie. Pure frustration!

New day new luck. If you then totally clueless to a source of frustration from the previous day's, is also a one that cables can be connected in different ways. So in this case. Since the motherboard apparently had electricity (a Kontrollled shone merrily to himself), I had the idea of the power switch times to take a closer look. I finally had the situation in other schonmal gets plugged wrong.


The color yellow pins are selected for the power switch. If you now have the right plug one to put far to the left, the mainboard can not of course start and respond. Accordingly, the correct insert resulted in the VDR started up as if nothing had happened. Since mans makes it work even once properly ;) Unfortunately, the location of the pins inside the Hol difficult to detect and is also outside in the housing, a power supply just over it, so it was hardly seen before. The main thing it was not broken, which would have been lacking in front of me as short excerpt yet.

However, after weighing even less clear whether we will really take the VDR. On the one hand, because everything is on it, in terms both of us, so any TV recordings, music, and especially our photo collection. On the other hand, we are much more needed on the ground in Riyadh on demand, meaning it would make sense then, just when needed, over - recharge power - though not too fast. For this, we would in time but also lack of space, so that the VDR would make sense yet again. The nature of VDRs (Server, Linux, some hard drives, not a common graphical interface) is also predisposed to the import tariff to be considered as conspicuous in the, the VDR and possibly only to high fee might be triggered again pulled that. Questions, questions. The first step is to say first that I'm flying without VDR and we then decide on the basis of local experience, whether we run the risk of importation. We will see, once again ;)

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Tweetdigest: flowers for the woman

by Andi
  • The new spring sport: Average office to strike sprint #
  • I believe I have my wife @ yailaet again give flowers. Have a long time only a photo no more flowers macros ;) #
  • @ Yailaet hmm what to macro photos of flowers to be romantic, is indeed a mystery to me, but I'm ok not like :) #
  • Hab grad found that my relationship 10km from the Air Line Ludolfs away lives no o_O #
  • RT @ pepilog : yaVDR: Linux distribution for HDTV http://feedproxy.google.com/ ~ r / Brass Blog / ~ 3/CSE8-jqUafQ / / / reads well visible #

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tweetdigest: Sonos curiosity

by Andi

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Try going back to somewhere on 2009-04-05

by Andi
  • For the purposes of the # go-by-again-somewhere-day, goes to the VDR-Camp, what delicious food before and in between the bike shop #

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Mplayer and asynchronous sound

by Andi

In the use of VDRs with respect to the playing of avi and co in the form of mplayer mplayer-plugins need. The Mplayer is now enjoying a bad reputation and is therefore in principle no weakness dar. My hanger is now the "in principle".

Finally, I had a file in front of me, which produced a remarkable effect. Played with the Mplayer in VDR, were sound and image is widening again, after a while, but found each other again.
Played on the notebook vlc was no problem and the film always in sync.

Now it is not possible to vlc to use the VDR and the like is even with mythtv (very ingenious own chapter :) ), Ie, a solution was needed for the Mplayer.

Some research later I was anywhere else, thrown against the Mplayer command line option "-mc 0. Short tried and indeed the film was in sync from now permanent.

Apparently the mplayer reviewed internally whether the film is his opinion after async and then correct the (wrong).

maximum AV sync correction per frame (in seconds)

-Mc does nothing different from saying that the correction amount to a maximum of 0 seconds / frame must. Speak the correction will be disabled. I drive so much better now and perhaps even help others in the problems with the mplayer and async audio tracks.

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