Graduation ceremony computer science HS Karlsruhe

by Andi

It came faster than expected, and felt I was in the course of the day did not really set out well but then she was. My graduation party to achieve the Bachelor of Computer Science.
The invitation had been ct 17:00 Champagne reception and how I could get to him afterwards, that does nothing more than 17:15. Something else was learned, but still wonder why not written directly 17:15.
Unfortunately, the champagne reception was a bit disorganized, so that no one knew exactly when it goes on a stick over it in the auditorium. Eventually we made our way to the top, only to find that so far no one was sitting.
Some time later, after an introductory piano by Jan Divoky, the welcome by the Dean Gmeiner, Ditzinger dean and rector of HSKA Meisel. A review of controlled studies are also Michael Schoeffler . With about 50 students present was the surrender of the certificates, the rest they had either been picked up earlier in the testimony and attached no importance to a graduation party or get it forwarded.


As a present we got a high-tech Roman (Jeffery Deaver - Silent Duel), which should have at least taken onto flaps down my reading tastes. I was certainly a nice touch.
Until that point I had only a rough idea how to be my final cut and would then was very surprised that I was charged for a half note ;)


Part of how you'd like them a graduation ceremony followed, but only then. The master's students, all typical in the black robes and hat dressed with tassel, also received their certificates and were more or less personally appreciated by their Dean Henning.
At the end of January Divoky played again, this time for my feeling melancholy, but we could run into the nearby "HSKA Mensa in order to perform the delicious part of the evening. The buffet! Salad was offered it at separate tables. The main course was, however, to obtain the normal food expenses. In my opinion, very bad taste and you would have for the occasion also like something else may come up. It was food Classic: beef rolls, chicken breast with rice, noodles or vegetables. The dessert was then offered separately - Capuccinocreme, red fruit jelly, yogurt and fruit stracciatella Quark. All very acceptable :)

7301-wein_mit_menu Es gab Rinderrouladen Hähnchenbrustfilet Spätzle Reis und Gemüse

After dinner, one or another professor or lecturer sat and chatted with his former in a word. And so sounded in the evening and I am very glad I took the chance to participate in the graduation ceremony. At this point I can agree with Professor Ditzinger only that this is a personal gesture of the university and should be implemented at other universities. To my knowledge, such an event still the exception :)

UPDATE: We are the comments from the HS Karlsruhe pins and had the novel in :)


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tweetdigest: Closing ceremony

by Andi
  • Is there really an increase of bitter? So in relation to cold? * Brrr * # motorcycle #
  • Speeches and documents / certificate transfer over. Now comes the delicious part of the evening. The buffet # Graduation # HSKA #

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tweetdigest: Margrave Eating

by Andi
  • Last night at the Renaissance Hotel at the bottom of Margrave gewesen.Da you can really fine food and wine is bezahlbar.Dazu There Were flat ;) #
  • . @ _Derk_ I Tweet said the inability to sell a rather * ahem * non-technical, see last Tweet # wine flat ;) in reply to _Derk_ #
  • I see my development cycle of the # firefox on, I think that the petrol Normalo too fast imho ist.Gilt for general information on Open Source #
  • @ _Derk_ I know your EBDAC as PIBCAC ;) Was last night, yes, but not clearly more ambiguous ;) in reply to _Derk_ #
  • When working with # kdenlive I can recommend any change only to save, then it crashes and does not # # editing video linux #

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tweetdigest: Study completed

by Andi
  • Now is also the final (oral) examination around and after seeing the Prof / Dean congratulates did, I probably have completed my studies! yeah! #
  • @ Pepilog gracias :) in reply to pepilog #
  • @ Nine berry thank :) in reply to nine berry #
  • As we will show that even know what you on Twitter "has seen time" and will no longer # excel # video # youtube #
  • Is it: Excelence @ Breakpoint 2009 video in Excel # youtube # video # excel #
  • Let any one who has not already guessed: Spreadsheet currently am working with spreadsheet aka Google. Fairly class #
  • @ Eckes then added the link to the Excel video so worth twice ;) in reply to eckes #
  • @ Cfritzsche and I think it should be clear why: SAP Walldorf = ;) in reply to cfritzsche #

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by Andi

Today it was finally over. A final oral examination had to be (still) visited and passed. And it was! :)
So I may if I follow the congratulations of my professors call for today at 10:30 am Bachelor of Computer Science. Apart from the fact that I have not had the testimony. The same gibts then either pick up or if I disclose a formal presentation in mid-October.

I'm ready! :)

And again this week, we go here, hopefully we make some more regularly. Is not like that I would have nothing to write ;)

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