tweetdigest: Gardening and domain work

by Andi
  • The pseudo-banana shrub next to the house once to get rid of brown leaves all around the pool has geschlaucht.Jetzt nice read # 40C #
  • @ khaled I have a great talent in my Thinpad and it was the best performance upgrade i ever did # ssd in reply to khaled #
  • @ khaled for what purpose exactly? If you're trying to get WordPress posts to Facebook, have a look at # Word Booker in reply to khaled #
  • Long overdue domain transfer is started. Thanks Auth code now so enjoyable stress-free # net # en # work # kk #

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by Andi

This time it's in the flower series continues with our Dutch neighbors. Although I do not know if the bottom of the photographed specimens are actually from Holland ;)


Slowly I go out of the flowers that I could photograph here ;)

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Red and white carnations

by Andi

Been a while since I have in my flower series have become active. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to speak again and colors :) Find it so crazy that now brings all the flowers growing on the market, but this mix is nice but somehow. And so it is also something for the fall, a leaf with fine-veined structure.


Slowly, it is however difficult to find new flowers. Next, then come the withered remnants of the same ;)

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Lilies Bouquet

by Andi

From my flower series : Today again a lily. The color is hard to describe, but is most likely in the direction of beige / salmon. ;) This time I've played a bit with the focus point.


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Yellow Roses

by Andi

New photos from the flower series . This time, short-stemmed yellow roses in a small bouquet.



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