tweetdigest: Power outage in Carrefour

by Andi
  • Super, power failure while shopping in Carrefour. Must be sometimes. But the main thing the flat screens running on emergency power # fb #
  • @ TenCate you argued that the hospital building from the # yesterday's crime scene is in the Forest City? Or what did you mean? Scene? #
  • Dubai: For the first time it went for us on Monday evening, also by plane from Saudi. From the strict Vorschr ... #

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by Sanne

For the first time it went for us on Monday evening, also by plane from Saudi. From the strict provisions of the western airports nothing is perceived. The check-in desks, it goes through a metal detector and the luggage will be screened. However, sometimes no one is sitting at the control screens and the beeping of no interest. After leaving there was a check again, this time someone actually sat at the counter. :) The hand luggage of unaccompanied women are quickly placed in front of the waiting queue to tape. Since men are more or less patient and understanding. When a passenger hand luggage has been completely dismantled and seized a pocket knife, with other luggage, I felt the inspector looks away. This gives a bit the impression that the inspection and seizure happens to your mood and needs.
I was out waving and sent by a curtain, there it was continued by a second curtain so no one sees so what. The woman who was waiting, however, more interested in their mobile phone than on the beep that their metal detector was making.


We flew with Air Arabia, a budget airline to Sharjah. By taxi, the prelude to many more trips, we went to the hotel. Beds we had found in the Winchester Grand Hotel Apartment. The taxi driver knew roughly where the hotel is found, one of the few.
The trip cost us 100 EAD, the equivalent of around 20 € and was much cheaper than a flight to Dubai.

Minor problems were still there at the check-in. Apparently it was unusual for the front desk that someone had booked two rooms. Shortly after, was also dissolved and we ate more quickly from the Indian buffet in the hotel restaurant, then we fell into bed tired.

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