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by Andi
  • For example, a dishwasher and over the weekend experienced a cappuccino with rancid milk demand the morning empty stomach a lot from # fb #
  • Hopefully klappts really with the compound's Mobily Wimax Mast.Krieg tonight not even a link in the Skype list # fb #
  • That's called healthy dinner, or not? # cesar # # Greek salad # # chicken fingers # # an fb
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  • RT @ jkleske : PFH, always these viral campaigns of steel door manufacturers ... #
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  • Sipgate or Skype as a VoIP solution in Saudi Arabia: A few years ago I have been looking at a Kar ... #
  • @ khaled yes, now it works * again * To be honest, right now our Mobily Wimax is far from reliable. Sometimes fast, but very often really slow in reply to khaled #
  • @ khaled we recently had a technician here, who recommended a new site to enhance connection quality.We'll see how it works out # mobily # wimax in reply to khaled #

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Sipgate or Skype as a VoIP solution in Saudi Arabia

by Andi

A few years ago I've registered with a Karlsruhe phone number, which you can then use a sip / voip-enabled device. This then goes for example with the Fritzbox directly or with Android on Milestone by Sipdroid.
In principle, therefore, very useful to have a German phone number, on the one from Germany via Flat (most in Germany by now) or can be called very favorable, although the number over the net for example, Saudi Arabia "is derived.

Link quality

To the device, it is not the issue here. I have sipgate used here with the above-mentioned Sipdroid and Ekiga with Kubuntu and I must say that I am relatively disappointed. Basically, it works quite well. The problems show up in the detail. I had regular exposure of 2-4 seconds in both directions in the interview. Mind you, while the other continued to talk! Sometimes what is said was then confirmed in compressed form. Sounds at first may not be bad, but disrupts the flow of conversation immensely.

With Skype, however, to date, I had fewer problems. Clearly plays well with Skype's Internet connection is crucial. Here to comment latency or short interruptions in the connection is not interrupted in the conversation, but in delays. That is, you just wait longer responds to the opponent. Although not nice and you fall to the frequently interrupting each other, but still a lot more comfortable, so complete misfire like sip (gate).

Unfortunately it is currently very shaky anyway, so that Skype and Sipgate are currently either way not much. As well wait for help or just dig deeper in our provider Mobily ...

German phone number

Currently I have therefore to sipgate credit (which I have to charge it) and for several days even with Skype. The former I will be out in the near future, above. Reasons, use up, but not before. The latter however, the more quickly. Recently, it was not possible to sign on to Skype a so-called SkypeIn phone number for Germany. Meanwhile, the go back, but the cost of 5 € a month for simply providing the phone number prevails in our case is not on the benefits.

In other words, the moment I can only make phone calls using Skype to Germany, but Germany can not be called out. It is therefore a "anklingeln on the sipgate number can be" and to call back out via Skype. I also know of no way currently SkypeOut (then called the phone calls to Skype Out) to use on the milestone.

In total, therefore, somewhat awkward. On the other hand, we can doubt be called free and very cheap calls from Germany. In effect, therefore, to complain no reason ;)

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