tweetdigest: Apocalyptica hearing cat brings illness thick socks in Zweitbad

by Andi
  • Long is no longer Apocalyptica. Which may have what :) # fb #
  • Very strange, but to sit here on Sunday free, while Mrs. schläft.Hoffe illness, it caught me, not even # fb #
  • Even in the shower to almost Zweitbad can, because the valves in the main bathroom are broken. Do we have to sometimes let go # fb #
  • Again, the cat caught the big stick out of the drawer in the bedroom and the living room getragen.Hundekatze anyone? # fb #
  • Firefox crashes when Today I need your help once. Some time ago I was on Facebook the Hin ... #

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Firefox crashes when

by Andi

Today I need your help once. Some time ago I got on Facebook, an indication that the Firefox, both under Windows and Linux, with visits to more or less reproducible crashes. Now it is so that I also had crashes of Firefox, but this has only recently associate my own blog / gallery.

In the meantime I have with HTML Validation some blunders adjusted in HTML (opened but not closed, and incorrectly nested ul / li / div). And in the last days of this cleaning up, I did not manage to get by calling the domain name to the Firefox to crash. But this can of course be a coincidence. Also, I'm not sure if the crashes are not more the result of gefrickeltes Javascript to pass. These things I have written for me that is the gallery. On the other hand, the fit does not mean that the crashes happened with me even when opening the home page, on which the javascript-self is not used.

Therefore, the request to you. If you experience Next time on the blog or call the Gallery to crash Firefox, copy shortly after the restart of Firefox specifically requested page and let me have. A feedback that you experience no crashes in connection with visits here is of course also have liked :)

Maybe yes, but it has also been done and I am no longer responsible for your rude exit Firefox :)

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