tweetdigest: Rescue the Chileans at the weekend

by Andi
  • Extensive weekend breakfast with dt. rolls, coffee and orange juice. Thus, the weekend started # fb #
  • Saving the Chilean mining industry workers: This morning I was first read as that buried the 33 chil ... #

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Saving the Chilean mine workers

by Sanne

This morning I was allowed to read the first thing that the 33 miners buried Chile were all saved. Besides the joy for the families, joined by yet to relief. When we decided for our honeymoon in the Atacama desert, the miners were trapped for 14 days. When it became clear that the rescue should take until December, introduced himself to me the question of how to enjoy my honeymoon carefree when must fear "under me" 33 miners their lives. Actually irrational, because we will be hundreds of miles away from the crash site. Now that the rescue operations are complete, I am more so at the Atacama desert, with its brilliant landscape.

Whether the rescue was a technical masterpiece or miracle now, everyone must decide for itself, on its part before each their own opinion. I'm glad for my part, if I have to make such an experience before.

At the conclusion nor the SWR3 Comix Stoiber , the rescue of the Chileans explains. He has rightly recognized that bunnies need in the pit 10 minutes from Chile to Stuttgart, or was it the Munich airport? ;)

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