tweetdigest: Stefan Mappus in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

by Andi

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School life

by Sanne

For three weeks I have to work again. This time not in kindergarten but in elementary school. I was promoted, so to speak. :)
On 18 September was the first day of school, we had laid our trip to Germany so that we in time for the start of school in Riyadh were. Although I was not contacted during the holidays, but you never know. So it did. Saturday mornings rang at 9:30 the phone and the school principal asked if I could imagine and would trust to help in the primary school.
The school has two teachers too little, and so created a job, "primary school assistant.

Elementary school assistant

This means that I, the 3rd or 4 Class supervising, controlling homework, answer questions about tasks, while the math teacher is in the other and informed. I also look after the classes in the subjects of circus and Arabic. So the native-speaking children receive Arabic classes, the other tasks get lernvertiefende in German. Where would be better the other way around, but do not have the teachers ... In the hours, the Arabic classes 3 and 4 together, and the first and 2 Class.

Similarly, in the circus hours, except that I must attend the entire class. Again, the children get from their teachers tasks should edit. In German, math or English. In the last years of school were the students throughout the year various art pieces rehearse and perform at the end. As this school year, no teacher is available for deepening learning takes place, much to the chagrin of the children ... :)

In Class 3 and 4 are currently nine children, the most powerful class is the second with eleven children. A mini-class is the first Class with two girls.

Power struggles

At present still held power struggles. I have zero problem with the two sweeties who know me already from the pre-school, first in class Super are the children in the 3rd To hear almost every word ;) So they are on during the hour and talk, but a warning is enough. Unlike the other hand, in the "even" classes. ARGH! Of the eleven children (Kl.2) few are getting too quiet by an admonition. The remaining need at least five calls and not stay still sitting on their chairs. Very popular is the statement when I tell them in person a job, "I do not want," "I do not like." This is then repeated in the increasing in volume until half the class join in the chorus.
In grade 4, six boys and three girls. That up there is the nonsense factor is likely to be of course ...
After the first three weeks, I now have the same effect as observed in the preschool. Slow to hear the children, they get used to me. With Schmeichelein and fight corruption, we get together now.


My schedule would be better for the 13 hours I ride every day to school. If I have a fully packed day (three hours), I have to compensate and three free hours. On days with two hours I can go home earlier. That works with a driver of the compounds of the pick me up at the school.

The day would have a new timetable to come, we wait and see how developed the thing. In December I am released from my contract, to start our honeymoon can. As of January I'm rescheduled. That was one of my conditions, if I should take up the position.

I look forward to the next few hours with the children. A good exercise is in any case ... ;)

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