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by Andi
  • Pretty stupid. due to go to bed earlier and get up later and I'm fitter than usual Quite the contrary # fb #
  • Favorite shoes in Saudi: How so, you will often be related to things other time over which one is eh ... #

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Favorite shoes in Saudi

by Andi

How this is so, one will often times brought on by other things that we wanted to miss anyway ;) Thus, I Thomas and his contribution to blog about his favorite shoes Parade asked how Footwear here in Saudi because the looks. I had some time ago time, a shoe parade made (uff 3 years ago already). Therefore fits quite well, here an update nachzuliefern ;)


So those are my current favorite shoes. Size 42 or 43rd I know so precisely never. Since we live in a rather hot region, this time I have given credence to the advertising and added myself Geox shoes. So the shoes have holes in the footbed and are intended to prevent the odor. And I even think that this works. At least, nothing stinks ;) Whether that comes from the shoes, I do not know, but what counts is indeed the feeling. According could be, get over the 99 € but rather expensive shoes, :)

As Thomas said in his post but under Saudi desert boots, I want to go out too. It wears the slippers or sandals. At least I would call it that. The name is probably Saudi Zobairiah. But do yourself:

These shoes carry the male Saudis at every opportunity. If this is now in the car, in the company, while shopping, or private. Even in the restaurant I've seen many with the traditional footwear. In the climatic conditions here in principle, of course, no surprise, but still unusual.

Incidentally, an interesting aspect of the shoes: Galileo, this pseudo-science program Pro Sieben had on some time ago one of their fake checks with regard to the highway surfing the Saudis ( Saudi Street Skate done) and came to the conclusion that in their view is very difficult and therefore would be a rather fake.
I can only say: is not it! The decisive factor for not just the usual, but certainly practiced highway surfing to one of the special road surface and the other just the Saudi sandals. The road surface, as mentioned in a previous article, not nearly as handy as in Germany. It will probably take place pebbles mixed with marble in the asphalt, which makes the lining of course, more smooth, but durable. Second, the lining of the shoes is a special one. These two aspects of Galileo had apparently overlooked in his fake-check. Here again the video:

So much for my shoes here and the Saudi shoes in general. I think I'm going to establish those Saudi sandals too. Which have already drained ;)

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