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  • Stuttgart 21 valve current as policy: Where to start in Stuttgart 21 or # s21 , and where do you stop? Ic ... #

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Stuttgart 21 as the valve of current policy

by Andi

Where to start in Stuttgart 21 or # s21, and where do you stop? I have to admit the facts regarding the project, I am not familiar to 100%, but all I've read and heard points to similar conditions as in out of the Karlsruhe combined solution. Similar cost explosions and similar disagreement on the part of the population with the policy concerning the meaning and purpose of the measure.

Nevertheless, S21 is being pursued because it was so completely legitimized again and again thoroughly democratic. So I wonder how it could then come to such action as yesterday in the park in Stuttgart.

All the signs for me pointed out that there was a peaceful demonstration. A conscience pledged police would have to pull the ripcord and de-escalating intervention. De-escalating in this case, my opinion would have been not to allow the felling of trees by the eviction. So now an "unnecessary" part of the construction project was completed instead of waiting for a referendum.

All in all, I stay back stunned, as it may happen that a student demonstration as originally started action results in even Spiegel Online by a civil war talks.

DPA sets by: injured in Stuttgart. # S21 on Twitpic

The man in the picture, at the rally as far as I understand it lost his eyesight ...

If you look at in the same context, the excitement about recalculation of Hartz IV and the extension of nuclear power over the will of the citizens of time, one need not wonder in my opinion, that develops an unhealthy climate Sarrazin. So a climate in which the people fooled by the policies simply happen and are susceptible to such trickster Sarrazin.

The video of Baden-Wuerttemberg Interior Minister and his statement that mothers and fathers of their children have virtually used as shields. Just to say such a perfidious.

Read value is also the compilation of many tweets to # S21 at Fixmbr . Also a large collection found in Opalkatze .
Now hope that this evening in Stuttgart moderate and proportionate really approaching.

Addendum: On 9 October will take place in the German Embassy for a reception to mark German Unity Day. At this reception Stefan Mappus (CDU) is well known, Baden-Württemberg Minister President, here to participate in Riyadh. I'm curious even know if it in any form, are reactions to the current situation in Stuttgart, or whether only the knock-friendly shoulder. We have to, because of Susan's work in the German school, an invitation. We will look at the least :)

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