Tinka's big scene appearance

by Andi

This Sunday it was finally time. Having last year in November to the crime scene, shooting in Baden-Baden , we had the title of "The Scream" found in the meantime that the corresponding Lena Odenthal scene just last Sunday broadcast.

Of course, we were mighty excited to see what remained of the shots in the final product. Therefore, even without much ado here is the relevant section:

As you can see, we see very little. Clean all the time there are 1-2 seconds ;) I find it amusing that the meowing, you can hear, were cut later in the scene. By Tinka he is not in any case. ;)

Basically, very crazy, how much effort has been driven to these 2 seconds in the film have. Finally we had from Karlsruhe to Baden-Baden travel, sat around a long time and could only end after 2 hours to leave. But at least we now have a TV star at home ;)

Tencate and I noticed the way that Karlsruhe was sold again in part as Ludwigshafen times:
Between 0:20 and 0:42 you can see in a backyard and part of the Augartenstraße, 0:42 to 0:49 Kopper has lived in the William Street road and the parents of the victim in the Stettinerstraße in the forest city. ;)

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tweetdigest: Workflow on Exchange or Sharepoint needed

by Andi
  • Has anyone here schonmal workflows based on MS Exchange set up? # lazyweb #
  • Yeah, we've a synchronous internet connection ... but on this level, nearly unusable : ( @ Mobily1100 @ mobilyCIO http://bit.ly/dsIAeK # no # fun # fb #

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tweetdigest: Sportfreunde 2014 safti.de

by Andi
  • In Memoriam safti.de of the old. Somehow, the time already today's Twitter or Facebook :) # fb #
  • @ TenCate know your girlfriend happens to be nor which street the house is? Habs found in the video now :) # tatort # # Forest City karlsruhe #
  • Why are there really no 54,74,90,2014 by Sportfreunde Stiller, after it has this year then did not work out ;) # fb #
  • Sonos in a Linux environment Android: About Sonos, in general, one can at Volker Weber (vowe - his character ... http://bit.ly/d1rePE #

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Sonos in a Linux environment Android

by Andi

About Sonos, in general , one can at Volker Weber (vowe - his sign c't editor) read quite a lot and entry into this multi-room audio system, get one.


After much back and forth, we finally decided on holidays in Germany in September, two Sonos S5 to take them in Saudi. For the resulting stress due to the chaotic situation on our order page, I would like with Thomas Lang from everywhere-musik.de apologize and thank you at the same time, for the effort he has put on the to us in time to allow the driving!

Arrived in Saudi as hand luggage - you want to let equipment worth of more than 500 € and not necessarily the case and risking that they are after the flight no longer in the case - was announced in commissioning. As in Germany, went off by themselves:

Establishment of the SonosNet

  1. ZoneBridge to the power and a LAN to the router
  2. ZonePlayer S5 in the living room to the stream.
  3. The Desktop Controller install and during installation when prompted press two buttons on the S5.
  4. Done!

For the second S5 in the kitchen:

  1. ZonePlayer to the current.
  2. In the Desktop Controller to add new zone (zone menu -> Add New Zone)
  3. Press the Zone Player in the kitchen to call, two buttons
  4. Done!

After these steps have had the S5 it for now as far as operational, we synchronized on both devices simultaneously and without hearing problems Kabelwust Internet Radio Stream SWR3. Of course, with the possibility to individually adjust the volume of both units, either the controller or the device itself and also, of course, you can always remove one of the devices from the network and fire up as another stream.
I'm also in that a device at any time from the power and once it is reconnected to seamlessly integrates back into the network. Very handy when slipping out here at the usual outlets, the cable ...

Sonos Desktop Controller with Wine

We know, we have a pure Linux, specifically Kubuntu, household. Beforehand I had contacted in this regard Volker Weber if he could recommend in this environment Sonos. Could not he. Especially in view of the fact that we are in addition to Linux and Android-only-only and are no Apple devices - it is a free iPhone / iPod touch, Sonos Controller - and because of the price and the Sonos CR200 did not want to get into the house .


Experiment as we are, we wanted to test it yet, and at the first test in Germany, we could live with the Sonos Controller for Windows well under Wine, because we could not find any restrictions. The only problem was the representation of the font that is in effect but for the use of the system irrelevant. You can read everything, and mostly wants to finally hear the Sonos devices with ;)

It went to install the Sonos controller from just simple. Either in a console or double SonosController32.exe wine, according to personal taste. During installation, one is prompted as described above to press one of the S5, the bridge or another zone player, the Connect button / Vol + and mute. Then wait short and the respective desktop controller is connected and can control the zones.

Android Andronos Sonos Controller

Currently there are no official Sonos application for Android. Andronos it does I think by then but also completely. I have found nothing that this free-to-find in the Android Market application could not.

  • Adjust volume, pan, or each device individually
  • Connect and disconnect the zones
  • Playlist management
  • Source change (radio or music from a share)
  • "Skim" through album cover ala Cover Flow

Only the finding of the Sonos player sometimes takes a little long or not working. That's happened to me but so far only very rare and I could not reproduce

Perl Controller

Also on vowe I'm on the Sonos controller Perl encountered. This has a few dependencies, so that an installation is on a fritz.box unlikely. More and more, bring me such "projects" to the point, here in Saudi again set up a small media server.
I made the Perl controller to properly start problems since he broke off during scanning of music with the message "no element found". Obviously, these are but a Perl error message that occurred, more and more in different places. Meanwhile, we have sorted the music folder from az, because the router on which the disk is an eternity needed to listen to the directory. After the re-sorting is properly again afloat. Since I also think the Perl Controller no more problems to have.


The surface is nice, asks me but the queue is not when we have hung several tracks together, so that we will use the Perl controller becomes more likely.

Python Controller


In the Sonos forum, I found another Python controller , which the developer makes available to direct mail. In principle, there is a UPNP control node. And that means you can ensure that all server and player, use that work with UPNP. Here I am just beginning ;)

I can summarize thus:
But listen to the synchronous playback of music and the way without depending on the notebook to make Internet radio, real fun. The Sonos Controller under Wine is not a problem, just as the Andronos controller for Android. Who comes from years of the Linux world is at this point rather tired smile, and just basically have little hurdles, such as Windows / Mac or iPhone / iPod touch users. Whether we get the right feeling Sonos accept ourselves as vowe describes it, I can not say of course, but it feels so very well received :)
I see more problems in the Sonos desktop controller and its functionality as a media and playlist management. To this end, the days but no more.

So from me a big thumbs up for Sonos related to Linux and Android.

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tweetdigest: Power outage in Carrefour

by Andi
  • Super, power failure while shopping in Carrefour. Must be sometimes. But the main thing the flat screens running on emergency power # fb #
  • @ TenCate you argued that the hospital building from the # yesterday's crime scene is in the Forest City? Or what did you mean? Scene? #
  • Dubai: For the first time it went for us on Monday evening, also by plane from Saudi. From the strict Vorschr ... http://bit.ly/aY0t6k #

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