tweetdigest: plug and power in Saudi Arabia

by Andi
  • Plug-and current confusion: It is often when going abroad so that you not only to another sprac ... #

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Plug and power chaos

by Andi

It is often when going abroad so that you get used not only to a different language, culture and money needs, but also the establishment of the new home is subject to other circumstances. In this case, I am concerned the current or the electrical outlets.

In Saudi it has apparently "agreed" on a dual system in terms of voltage to the sockets. At least that's my perception. We have outlets in the house with both 220V (ie the voltage as in Germany) and 110V. Of course, these are barely marked, so that one can often guess which is which voltage outlet.


This also meant that our janitor would have destroyed at the beginning of its use several times with us almost the vacuum cleaner. to go with a 110V device into a 220V outlet is just not recommended, even if at first led to a significant increase in performance of the device. If only briefly and linked to subsequent stench ;) Our cleaners could not help the way the sockets are in fact also in the compound from house to house occupied different. As the light switch for that matter.

Are there any tensions only two options, it looks at the outlets confusing. There is a happy mix of American, European, and not to me known standards.


Corresponding to the different standards, here in the power strips you can probably put any power connector that exist worldwide. At least I know of no plug format, which is purely wrong there.

These adapters come in all sorts of course variants. And to me it has happened not just once, that I bought an electrical appliance at home and only realized that we no longer have a suitable adapter. However, it is so that the devices that can be bought here usually have one of two plugs. Since then, the choice is not so great.

Should we not even pay attention to the plug being, however, that a view is needed on the voltage used. For example, I wanted to buy new bulbs for one of our ceiling lights and bravely took on the shelf in Carrefour. At home they shone but very weak. Meanwhile, I know we have at the ceiling, only 110 and I bought a 220V bulb. According glows through the somewhat lost the right to ;)

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tweetdigest: Rockbox on Android

by Andi
  • Oha # Rockbox is now running on # Android Since the guys were cool even before my Iriver firmware as I'm curious #
  • Niki has definitely the title of the house curtain climbers verdient.Wenn times I'm quick enough, I'll do a photo # cat # curtain # fb #
  • At the airport in # Riyadh Two clocks close to each other: one 30 shows the other 40th It is currently 34th you must also manage first # fb #


tweetdigest: Gardening and domain work

by Andi
  • The pseudo-banana shrub next to the house once to get rid of brown leaves all around the pool has geschlaucht.Jetzt nice read # 40C #
  • @ khaled I have a great talent in my Thinpad and it was the best performance upgrade i ever did # ssd in reply to khaled #
  • @ khaled for what purpose exactly? If you're trying to get WordPress posts to Facebook, have a look at # Word Booker in reply to khaled #
  • Long overdue domain transfer is started. Thanks Auth code now so enjoyable stress-free # net # en # work # kk #

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tweetdigest: Meh constellation

by Andi
  • Very late to go to bed and get up damn early. Quite a constellation Meeeh # meh #
  • If the calm today ... #
  • Shortly before the close: the Prayer Times influence our purchasing behavior have that, I had already written ... #

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