tweetdigest: Raclette New Year's Eve

by Andi
  • RT @ dieternuhr: body scanners at the airport? Have no Internet? / / # lol #
  • If I @ Boston_Police him read, you can always see the same # where Crossing Jordan Cavanaugh launched soon ;) # reality2tv (via @ TenCate ) #
  • Morning touch read Twitter. Almost like the much talked about mysterious "future" #
  • Preparations for tonight. Wine decantation #
  • Now the traditional way to usher in New Year's Eve Dinner for one :) #
  • With my personal account of 2009, I wish you all a happy and a happy new 2010! # fb #
  • 2010 is the first time sounds right to future :) So with flying cars and so ;) #
  • Hrhr # hmm lecker # hot # stone # raclette #
  • So ne Williams pear helps against the gorged be something, but really only something ... #

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2009 - My Review

by Andi

To me even more aware of what brought this eventful year, I will finish it with a small review.


The first month was dedicated to my mononucleosis. Among other things since then, I do appreciate health needs to really value. And I can only advise everyone to take the glandular fever seriously, to get it not chronic.
In January, we made fast and the place of our wedding at Castle Neuenbürg. A major milestone in planning the wedding.
At the end of January then I was allowed to put up with my college work around Android.


The February study centered mainly on work and work in the company. The study work, I was finally able to complete successfully and was allowed to forward to my last semester.


This month was generally quiet. However, the first great preparations were making themselves felt for our wedding in September. We did finally make planning and thus have the invitations sent at least six months in advance. That worked well.
Only on the last day of March, I had a small motorcycle accident, which coincided with the date of filing of my Bachelor Thesis.


The beginning of the thesis in April was decent, but there was plenty to do in the company. I noticed that the daily business and at the same time, the thesis would be a borderline experience.


In the merry month, I rewarded myself since long time and even put me to the Canon EOS 500D DSLR. And I have not looked back. With the camera, I began to photograph and film including the Constitution and read.


At the end of June, I should submit my thesis. But unfortunately, the number of reasons nothing. At the same time the month was quite the topic of "Internet censorship", including a vigil and a demonstration. I also have a purely short on my last 1 & 1 celebration, just as before ;)


In July I finally finished my thesis, which, like the study but work was still very successful. At the same time I wrote my final exams in Bachelor of Science, so I had concluded at the end of July my Bachelor of Science.


After the stress of the first half was something only "holiday" due. Sorry we could not take the same free, so was it a staycation, which only gave insufficient relaxation. Preparations for the wedding were meanwhile in full swing. Among other things I had picked out my suit.


In September I started my permanent position at virtual7.
The big day arrived and Susanne and I both said a civil ceremony and church yes to each other. And what a day this news I would think that I will experience another such nervousness probably only rarely in my life. Extremely many beautiful impressions in a very short time.


a breather after a week and enjoy being married fresh / experience, we went further in the job correctly. The habit of a regular 40h/Woche while since I had already started the thesis, but was so slow also work everyday. But something quite different from the study. I sat among other things very much apart with XSL. Splitting hairs!


The celebration month began. First, my birthday, then that of many friends. A relaxing and positive time, but is also re-connected with stress. Quasi an analogy to life (I think I should be the flashbacks make it shorter, not to be philosophically ;) )
Also allowed our cat Tinka complete a brief appearance in the crime scene.

December ...

... Was completely under the slogan "Family." Susan's birthday, and Nicholas 60. Then another Christmas and another birthday. So much to celebrate again. In addition, of course, Christmas gabs in the company and also dancing ;)
Today we have once again on New Year's Eve and we make a cozy. With raclette, and games Dinner for one evening with Samson.

I wish you all a happy and a happy new year. Let's see what awaits us all in the next year 2010. 2010 sounds like to me the first time right after the future :)

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tweetdigest: nap instead of pain

by Andi

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Our crime scene cat

by Andi

After much back and forth, it was time. The crime scene shoot with our cats or one of the two. Originally we were of 9.12. been mentioned as a date. The date was then spontaneously 25 to November folded and so we should arrive by 17 clock on the set. Spontaneous also is the word that I now regard the shooting of film and television will remain in the head.


With the change the day of shooting we had, as mentioned, already had experience. On the day itself we had then just set to 17 clock. 15:15 But my cell phone rang and we were asked if we could not come sooner. As soon as possible. Well yes it is spontaneous, but I had let out Tinka. Gizmo was on the other hand calmly on the bed in the morning but we wanted the wish of the cats out must comply in order not to risk that they are restless even before the new situation on the set, just because they could not get out during the day.
As we are, whether the characters of the two had already decided to try shooting for first with Tinka, we wanted to take but in any case. So that went off the search. In the meantime I had heard that neighbors had gone into her apartment and had taken the cat home. The assumption seemed reasonable, if not, are in the house. After ringing every neighbor, she came one day comfortably strolled down the stairs. We must ensure, finally, that one has his performance!

The journey

The car was temporarily at the door and we were ready to go, because once again called on the production, when would we be there. A little disappointed she heard my prediction of half an hour, she could not change course. The trip to Baden-Baden was then surprisingly quiet. I had expected howling and meowing cats, but except for an occasional mewl was quiet. We had the offer of a cat food photo shoots in Dusseldorf so maybe it can accept ;)
When we arrived in Baden-Baden, was eagerly waiting for us and the assistant director said, promptly hectic "the cats are there, the cats are there" in her walkie talkie before it had even greeted us. Similarly, it was hectic then dawned on me and evil, as regards the reaction of the cats on this "circus".
On the set we were received by all very friendly and nice and in passing the way we learned to know them Ulrike Folkerts. Very hectic and spontaneous situation ;) We therefore still in the jacket and coat and the cats in their boxes, since the director has already formulated its instructions. We tried it first a little slow so that the cat "arrive" now for the first time something had. In addition, they had still to be freed from the dishes. You guessed already: we chose Tinka to try recording. Gizmo is in his character rather quiet and prefers to put where, while running like Tinka curious about. As should be the task, on a small boy climb around, jump on the floor and run away when a man comes into the room, Tinka was therefore a better choice for us.

The first rotation

After the little girl was freed from the dishes in the box and by slightly tilting the latter was persuaded to come out, they also looked already. We gave it up quickly but to lure them with food in the direction of the chair. It quickly ran out that Susan Tinka took on the arm and removed on command on the chair or the little boy and disappeared from the picture. Multiple she was there but faster than the director being considered, so that Tinka was already gone before the man ever was in the room. So again!
After three attempts, was then already a setting in the box in front of the chair Tinka observed standing curious as to how the commissioner is coming to them and refusing to move from the spot.
In the last shot setting it disappeared almost as ordered, or expected of a cat under the couch and watched from there. The director seemed impressed, he probably had more material than he had hoped.


According to the statement of cash assistance, we should now have about 30 minutes of rest, as it would first rehearsal, as the Commissioner of the boys brings to bed and evaluated, would like Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts) in the door would be and Tinka had the best on the arm.
During this break we got to the animal trainer Petra Geier know which, because of spontaneous early spins and further directions could be there until later. Up to this point had so far but everything worked out.
We are exchanged over the rotation, and they told us some idea of their experience and what some pet owners to such a rotation would have. We found some very strange ...
In the background we heard again and again to sing a lullaby to the Commissioner and again the same set of boys said: "No, a real song." In fact, so a sample ;) After a while, I was the pretty on the cookie.


After estimated to 50 minutes someone came from the crew and said they would now make lunch and eat with, we could if we wanted. The rotation would bring the cat to the bed, however, called off, but we would be in the next scene - here again - after eating. While it was shortly after 19 clock and there is an invitation for lunch but a bit odd (but probably normal in the film, where lunch is always the meal break, no matter what time), but such an invitation you do not say of course no, and were so We shortly afterwards at the buffet. There were noodles with meat loaf and vegetables. Typical Setessen, as was explained to us. Across from me sat the Commissioner and shortly before we had eaten with the mother's sister's little boy. Obviously, there is little distance in the film, at least during dinner and when shooting a scene ;)


Shortly after the end of lunch we had part such objections, Ulrike Folkerts and her colleague Commissioner to get to testing or a feel for how the next scene would work best. Besides, we could observe how the crew distributes long while. Feels like more than half used their iPhone to surf around and the other half was annoyed with each other. One of the boy had pulled the sweater over his head and one other it shone with a flashlight to get a picture of him. After some back and forth of the samples was then decided that the cat would reduce the intensity of the scene and we only got a short "the Pussycat-finished" liberated from our waiting. In sum, we had been sitting at the time about one and a half hours only, but in this case at least some of the film witnessed filming.


As mentioned at the beginning, I still most likely the word spontaneous in mind when I think back to the scene of rotation. Neither positive nor negative, simply spontaneously ;) It was interesting to see what time a professional actress, who is also very personable. I am glad that it does not seem professional requirement, leaving the ground, if you want to be an actor. Ulrike Folkerts made in any case a very nice impression.

The strict division of surprised me too. Thus, the lighting took care really about the light, without the director would have taken great influence on it.

After the shoot was revealed to us then that would be likely to Tinka not requested often, and thus to be quasi-Odenthal cat would do if we want to do then. Thus, we now have probably a movie star at home, but she does not show it. Bitchy she was partially already been ;) Pictures I had made some three, but since I do not know response (and it especially will not risk) as the SWR on the publishing of location photos, you have to do without, unfortunately.

Thank you from here yet @ Liamara which we came to the possibility to experience the speed! :)

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tweetdigest: Gift Packaging Disposal

by Andi
  • After drölf dispose Christmas gifts boxes you see in the apartment even back wall :) #

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